Get a Grip on Your Mind!

What’s the antidote for a mean mind? Compassion!

Do We Need Courage to Relax?

It’s odd, isn’t it, that we humans give short shrift to relaxation….

Healing Begins with Telling the Truth

Honesty - one of those practices that’s simple but not always easy….

Okay to Be in the Here and Now… Just Now and Then?

I’ve discovered that trying to be a perfect meditator or a perfect anything is a trap.

Yoga Teachers as Healers

Healing isn’t about fixing a complaint. It’s really about discovering our wholeness and the other’s….
Simple but not necessarily easy!

The Trouble with Insights

Do your insights lead to change or to disappointment?
What makes the difference?

The Bliss of Hanging Out with the Goddesses

Women in My Life

Two Stories – One Message: There’s Life After Hip Surgery

Hips: We all have them, we’re living longer, and sometimes they wear out….

Yoga and the ‘D’ Word

Being willing to walk the journey with those who are dying can be rewarding.

Down-loading the New Version of Yourself: Is It Possible?

Are we just fooling ourselves when we embark on self-improvement?